How did your interest in wellness start?

"At 18 I started training for a career in dance, but felt that the industry did not align with my values. I began teaching fitness classes and eventually trained in teaching body balance, a class incorporating pilates, tai chi, and yoga, it significantly improved my own health and happiness. I was interested in helping others to improve their wellbeing. So alongside teaching I wanted to pursue a career in psychology having had an interest in psychology from a young age"

What did you study at university?

"I completed my degree in Occupational Therapy. Throughout university I had several mental health placements, voluntary experiences, and I specialised in mental health in my final year. My dissertation was on non-pharmacological interventions for mental health treatment like music, mindfulness, art etc. I became passionate about early intervention strategies to prevent illness, and here began  my interest in various holistic therapies to promote wellbeing."


When did you first practice mindfulness?

"I completed the 8 week mindfulness course whilst at university, and deeply connected with the lifestyle of mindfulness. I felt it truly aligned with my own values and ideas. I started my own mindfulness practice at home, through formal meditation and informal practice moment by moment. As my practice grew I became more inspired to assist others on their journey."

What has your career looked like so far?

"After university I volunteered as an Occupational Therapist in Sri Lanka, working with children and adults with learning disabilities and mental health illness. This involved facilitating therapeutic groups to support recovery and improve quality of life. I then came back to the UK and worked in physical rehabilitation. I now work in a mental health team and I find my job so fulfilling. This role involves motivating others through their recovery journey. This passion for my work inspired me to create this wellness company."

Why did you create Ocean Mind?

"I feel that we can easily get caught up in focusing on the external image of health and fitness. I hope to encourage others to focus inward, on the mind, body, and soul. We can then experience the wealth of life changing benefits from practicing simple self-care." 


"Through Ocean Mind, I hope to be advocate for and teach healthy behaviours; enabling people to take control of their wellbeing, to reduce health risk factors, and be truly happier. Ocean Mind focuses on cultivating a healthy body, quiet mind, and an open heart."


"Ocean Mind will help people to Retune, Refocus, Rebalance, and Reconnect."

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