All of our classes aim to cultivate a healthy body, quiet mind, and an open heart.

How do our classes support your wellbeing?


All classes will be mindful. This is a way for us to tune into the present, so that you can enjoy life more! Formal practice can reform your mindset, so that it becomes a way of life.

Individually Tailored

Everybody is unique, we support people to identify their individual goals, to live a happier and healthier life. We focus on one's personal values so that they can honestly relate to their practice.

 Gentle Practice

To obtain a calm mind within your daily life, one must establish a  formal practice. We can guide you with this.Your practice must have repetition, consistency, commitment, routine, and regularity.

Insightful Guidance

The key to obtaining the powerful  benefits of yoga & meditation is having a true understanding of what you're doing, and why; so learning from an experienced and authentic teacher is central to your meditation journey.

What will this do for your body and mind?


To return someone or something to it's original condition. To repair or renovate something to its former state.


To regain or maintain focus, despite distraction. To focus one's attention on something new or different.


To restore the correct balance to something or someone. To balance again or in a different way.


To connect back together.

To re-establish a bond of communication or emotion.

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